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State of the M&A Market (2021-Q2)

In this video, I went into detail on some of the findings in the Alliance of M&A Advisors (“AM&AA”) 2021 Q2 M&A Report. This article will summarize some of those key findings. Just as a reminder, the AM&AA is an association of M&A advisors based out of the US that produces a quarterly report on the state of the market called M&A Access. Respondents to the survey are mostly M&A Advisors, CPAs, lawyers, exit planners, and valuation advisors. The most recent report was issued in July 2021 and it summarized and compared both deal activity and sentiment at the end of June 2021 in comparison with December 2020. Obviously, last year had moments of trepidations in the market, especially in 2020 Q2, but the second half of 2020 roared back strongly.