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Valuation Advisory

Our Valuation Advisory services are aimed to help our clients identify value in the businesses they are either intending to sell or buy. This service goes beyond a normal Calculation of Value as our role is as an advocate and advisor. There are many factors that can impact the value of a business and our role as a Valuation Advisor is to identify potential scenarios and issues that may arise, along with making constructive recommendations. Our services can help both buy-side and sell-side clients.

Sell-side Valuation Advisory

1) Exit Planning – Ideal for clients looking to exit within the next three to five years, but also valuable for clients with shorter exit time horizons. We identify through various assessments your state of business readiness and business attractiveness. We then correlate this information into a current valuation of your business and potential future value through incorporating a value creation strategy. We then incorporate that into a formal growth or exit plan.

2) Growth Advisory – Ideal for clients with an indeterminate time frame to exit, or with a time frame that extends beyond three years. Our advisory work is tied together with our Growth Advisory services.

3) Valuation Advisory for Small Businesses – Ideal for businesses with revenues below $1 million. We first examine the multiples within the market your business operates in, then based on our assessments, we pinpoint likely ranges your business might sell. In addition, we offer advice on how to make your business more transferable and valuable. Think of this like Exit Planning Express.

Buy-side Valuation Advisory

1) Deal Planning – Looking to acquiring a company? Velorum can help you value the deal along with identifying net working capital required.

2) Post-deal Financial Modelling – Get a head start on your post-deal planning by hiring us to develop a financial model of the acquired business, taking into account synergies and the impact of anticipated strategic changes.