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Calculation of Value

We prepare formal Calculation of Value reports that are suitable for occasions where an independent third party report is critical.

Simple Calculation of Value Reports – These are most suitable for situations where the user of the report is primarily the business owner and are ideal for planning purposes. These reports can be prepared for the following situations:

Detailed Calculation of Value Reports – Detailed reports are most appropriate where there will be multiple users of the reports such as other shareholders, the bank, government authorities, or prospective investors. The level of detail we provide is based on the situation and our professional judgement. We provide detailed reports for the following situations:

  • Sale or purchase of a business
  • Tax re-organizations (Estate freezes, tax restructurings, tax rollovers)
  • Sale or purchase of less than 100% shareholdings (shareholder buy-ins or buy-outs)
  • Valuations for banks or other lenders.