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  • Over 70% of businesses listed for sale don’t sell and owners are eventually forced to close their doors.
  • The unanswered question of “What’s Next?” after the transition causes anxiety.
  • Many owners don’t fully consider all the exit options available to them, and don’t think about the potential pros and cons of each.
  • Many owners are not properly set up to minimize their taxes upon exit (whether that exit is voluntary or involuntary).
  • The financial planner has told you your nestegg needs to be $5 million when you retire but your business was recently valued at $3 million. How are you going to make up that value gap?
  • You know you need to eventually exit, but there is just too many moving pieces. If only someone could build a framework for you to make transitioning easier and more clear.


Our Holistic Exit Planning services help identify the key issues facing you on your Road to Exit. We take a comprehensive approach to identify key issues facing you with regarding to the attractiveness of your business, your personal and emotional readiness, and your financial readiness once you’ve harvested your wealth from your business.

Increase the value of your business, smooth out your transition, and maximize your wealth upon exit through our Holistic Exit Planning program.