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Another way to improve the attractiveness of your business (and improve the quality of your life as an owner) is to grow your business to the next level. However, this can put strains on your business in terms of human resources, infrastructure, and cash flow. Growth can be a complex and expensive proposition when not managed properly. Don’t “grow broke”.


  • Establish short-term and long-term goals;
  • Develop a growth strategy;
  • Outline key action steps in your growth plan with timelines and accountability;
  • Develop a financial model that quantifies your growth plan.
  • Relentlessly execute.

How Velorum can help:

Growth Advisory: Our Growth Advisory services provide you with a framework for sustainable growth to so you can have predictable cash flow, predictable growth, and predictable business value.

Valuation Advisory: What is the value of your business today? What are the key drivers for growth that fuel Enterprise Value? What steps do you need to take to become best-in-class?

Financial Advisory Services: Get a clear vision of your business through our CFO services. Grow organically or through buy-side M&A.

Exit Planning: After growing, you may be ready to harvest your wealth. Before selling, we’ll help develop your exit plan so you have a smooth road to exit.