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Protecting the value of your business can be just as important generating cash or fueling growth. Therefore, every business owner should be concerned with de-risking their business. Some questions you should ask in this regard are:

  • Do I have adequate visibility of my financials and my cash flow?
  • Do I know how negative scenarios would impact the viability of my business?
  • Are my systems and processes documented?
  • Do I have the appropriate insurance to protect myself and my loved ones?
  • If I have business partners, do I have an appropriate shareholder’s agreement in place?
  • Have I adequate planned for contingencies and business succession?
  • Have I strategically analyzed my business to identify weakness and threats to its success?
  • If I sold my business today, how would I fare in due diligence?

Through our Holistic Exit Planning services, we help you identify key areas of risk on both the business and personal side, then develop an action plan with you to reduce that risk.

Through our Financial Advisory Services, we provide you with CFO Advisory services that will provide you with better financial visibility, better measurement tools, and a process that allows you to protect your shareholder value and strategically pivot either towards growth or an exit.