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Exit Planning Advisory

Creating an exit plan can be a complicated process but Velorum Business Advisory can tailor a specific plan aligned with your personal and business goals. After analyzing the exit options available to you, and completing the Value Gap Analysis™ and Enterprise Value Assessment™, a clear path towards your desired exit, along with a time-frame and next-steps, will be developed.

Exiting right takes time and commitment but having the right plan beforehand will make exiting from your business a smoother process.

How Velorum can also help you:

  • Through our Valuation Advisory, we can help you understand your current business valuation and help identify your value gaps from where you are now to where you want to be after an exit.
  • Through our Value Acceleration Program, we can first establish a growth plan based on a Value Gap Analysis™, then in a series of 90-day sprints, help you improve the value of your business through helping you build an infrastructure for growth, de-risk your business, and make your business more attractive to buyers.
  • Through our Corporate Finance advisory, we can provide CFO services to provide you with more clear vision of the future along with improving the “curb appeal” of your business. On the Transactional Advisory side, we work with M&A intermediaries to help smooth out the due diligence and sales process.