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Want to Grow or Exit Your Business?

Use the Value Acceleration Methodology to increase the value of your business and achieve your business, personal, and financial goals.

Value-based Strategies

By incorporating value-based business strategies, you prioritize the value-drivers that will help you achieve your goals.

Improved Vision

Lift the fog and improve your vision of your business's future. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Similarly, learn to plan and implement value acceleration on both a macro and micro level to ultimately reach your long-term goals.

Holistic Approach

By using a holistic and collaborative approach, steer your business through employing tailored strategies geared towards your personal, financial, and business goals.. Whether you wish to grow,exit, or simply improve your business, there is a strategy that is the right fit for you.

Valuation Advisory

Get a Calculation of Value for your business along with a Value Gap Analysis to understand not only what your business is worth today but also what drives that value and how you can get from  current values to your potential valuation.

Value Acceleration

Value Acceleration is a process that helps business owners like you improve the underlying fundamentals of their business, which can result in improved cash flows, increased growth rates, and a de-risking of the business–all factors which can improve the valuation of any business. Value acceleration helps to improve the attractiveness of your business to external buyers while improving the economic wealth generated within the business.

Exit Planning

Having a roadmap is critical when traveling to a destination and transitioning your business (either internally or externally) is no exception. It requires an assessment of your personal readiness to transition (both from a business and financial standpoint), an objective assessment of your exit options in light of your personal goals, and then a concrete plan to get you to the finish line.

Corporate Finance

Part of controlling your business involves getting a grip on the numbers behind your business on a timely basis while maintaining a forward looking view. Do you have visibility on your cash position over the next twelve months? The next quarter? What KPIs are the most appropriate for your business? Do you know how to de-risk your business to improve its value? Do you have the  support if you are going to sell your business or potentially acquire new businesses to accelerate your growth?

Driven by Value, Guided by Values

As a business owner, you are driven by value creation. As a boutique consulting firm,  Velorum Business Advisory is dedicated to help you on your journey to both protect and grow value within your business. Give us a call to set up a free appointment.

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