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Valuation Advisory (OLD)

Our Valuation Advisory consists of two components:

Enterprise Value Assessment™

An Enterprise Value Assessment™ is a Calculation of Enterprise Value of your business. The Enterprise Value is focused on the underlying value of your business, irrespective of how that business is financed (i.e. through debt or equity). Managing your business on an Enterprise Value basis allows you as the owner to focus on value creation activities that both improve the economic wealth of the business along with increasing its attractiveness when it’s time to exit the business.

Value Gap Analysis™

The Value Gap Analysis™ (done in conjunction with the Enterprise Value Assessment™) helps owners understand the main value-drivers of their business and puts together a comprehensive plan to grow and improve both the value and attractiveness of their business. The Value Gap Analysis™ can provide an owner with a roadmap to growing and/or exiting their business and can prioritize tasks in alignment with their personal and financial goals. Thus, whether you want to emphasize growth or exiting your business, a plan can be tailored to suit your needs.

Whether you are interested in growth or planning out your business succession, our valuation advisory can help you plan and execute successfully.