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A Story of Four Owners

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Introduction Today, I am going to share a story of four owners. Each have their own unique objectives and goals. Each is at a different stage in their respective entrepreneurship journeys and each have different priorities in terms of action steps they need to take.… Read More »A Story of Four Owners

Timing Matters

Introduction In my last article, I spoke about how the absolute size of your cash flows mattered when it came to the potential multiple your business could achieve on the market. In this article, we will explore how timing your entry into the marketplace is… Read More »Timing Matters

Size Does Matter

Introduction One of the themes I have been trying to drive home in many of my articles is that a key component of value acceleration involves growing both the absolute amount of cash flow in your business as well as its sustainable growth rate. This… Read More »Size Does Matter

Mind the Gap

Introduction There are three gaps that SME owners have to consider: the wealth gap; the income gap; and the value gap. In this article, we will take a look at why managing and eliminating such gaps is important to business owners on their road to… Read More »Mind the Gap

Roll Up Your Forecast to Win

Overview In this article, we explored the reasons why an SME owner should start performing financial forecasts that specifically target discretionary cash flow. However, a few questions remain. What time frame should a forecast encompass? How often should forecasts be updated? In this article, we… Read More »Roll Up Your Forecast to Win